I was born into an artistic family, surrounded by paintings and music.

I work in my studio on Hadrian's Wall with views of the Cumbrian fells to the south and my kitchen garden to the north. Paintings and pastel drawings are often inspired by, but not limited to, the nature around me. Sometimes the work is swift and energetic, sometimes the picture needs a calm meditative approach.

The music or silence that accompanies my work is never accidental. Much of my work is concerned with colour and light.

The work I do in my studio is intensely private – I like to work in solitude. Though sometimes I choose to go on a painting trip with an artist friend – if she shares my painting rhythms.

It is the wild places that inspire me – rocks (whether by the shore, or settled in ancient circles); seascapes too (if possible remote with crashing waves); skyscapes (the language of clouds fascinate me) and sometimes a flower or two to add to the story. All this is interwoven with family and children who have been brought up surrounded by painting and music.

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